The Vic Herbs Committee consists of volunteer Naturopaths, Herbalists and students, who are passionate about all things herbal medicine including professional learning, and supporting our local community of Herbalists.

We are grateful to all members who have contributed their time and passion to building and running Vic Herbs.

Current Committee Members

Jan Illingworth

Length of service: 2010 – present

After a farm life in the back blocks of NZ, Jan went to Whangarei Base Hospital to train as a nurse when they had starched uniforms, matrons, 4 hourly ward rounds, invalid stout & living in the nurses home. Jan crossed the ditch to Australia in the late 70’s to travel and work (she is still petrified of snakes). After then travelling to England, she worked in many hospitals in London and nursed some of the rich and famous in their homes. Jan had many exciting ventures into Europe on a motorbike before coming home via the old Soviet Union to settle in Melbourne with a Victorian she met in Earls Court. When orthodox medicine waned, she took the leap into qualifying as a Naturopath. Jan still hasn’t lost the zest for growing herbs, cooking with herbs, making teas and trying to improve peoples lives. Jan has been on the Vic Herb committee for a decade or loves seeing it going from strength to strength.

Favourite herb: Thyme because it is common, easy to get, versatile for just about any complaint and one can eat it!

Naabi Methé

Length of service: 2016 – present

Naabi Methé is a degree qualified Naturopath and a registered member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA). She has been a committee member of Vic Herbs since 2016 and has undertaken volunteer work with Hands on Health, the Fitzroy All Stars and Ceres Works Medicinal Garden.  As well as being a clinician at Common Garden Health, Naabi manufactures small batch vegan botanical skin care, medicinal teas and first aid products, runs fermenting and home remedy workshops and blogs about herbal remedies and food as medicine.  Naabi believes that knowledge is power, and knowledge about sustainable health practices should be common knowledge and should be shared. It’s also really fun!
Favourite herb: Naabi struggled to narrow it down to just one but cannot go past that easy to grow ray of sunshine Calendula officinalis.  

Gabby Pavlovic

Length of service: 2017 – present

Gabby is a Naturopath in training at the Southern School of Natural Therapies.  Gabby’s role at Vic Herbs is highly varied but includes logisitics, communications and social media.

Favourite herb: Withania sominfera – a good friend for a full time student!

Erin Keane

Length of service: 2018 – present

Erin practices Naturopathy and Nutrition in Hawthorn (@Keane for Wellness), with a special interest in hormones, skin and men’s health. She also works in the community sector and has a passion for grassroots projects. After really enjoying the VicHerbs meetings during her student years at SSNT, Erin joined the committee in 2018 and has loved building stronger connections in the community as well as learning more about herbs and their application.

Favourite herb: My favourite herb has always been lavender!

Emily Ahern

Length of service: 2018 – present

Emily is a Naturopath at The Herbal Collective/Ranges Health Hub in Sassafras.  Her main role at VicHerbs is in the communications team and she is a whiz at social media posts and will be the person you speak with via e-mail.  You’ll also see Emily’s smiling face on the door signing you in at most meetings.

Favourite herb: I can’t go past the gentle Passiflora incarnata.

Denise Berry

Length of service: 2018 – present

Denise is a graduate of SSNT in Melbourne and joined VicHerbs as a student member in 2018.  She then moved to Rutherglen to establish her clinic Tolle Totum Therapies, but has continued to be a keen long distance participant of the VicHerbs committee, including developing the Vic Herbs website.  Denise is keen to bring VicHerbs to rural Victoria so that all Naturopaths and Herbalists can be involved in ongoing professional development and also be a part of the wider VicHerbs community.

Favourite herb: Withania somnifera – my wonder herb for women and the only thing that kept me sane whilst juggling full time study with work!

Georga Holt

Length of service: 2018 – present

Georga is currently in her final year of Naturopathy studies at Southern School of Natural Therapies.  Georga is responsible for finances at VicHerbs and does an amazing job.

Favourite herb: Passiflora incarnata

Rachel Marley

Length of service: 2018 – present

Rachel holds a Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy), Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education. Rachel currently is in clinical practice where she has extensive experience in working with children and families, providing a nurturing and supportive environment for all clients to learn about health and thrive in their environment.  As part of the Vicherbs committee, Rachel enjoys networking and collaborating with complementary health practitioners and helping to
support and grow the complementary health industry.

Favourite herb:

Monique Evans

Length of service: 2018 – present

Monique is currently in her second year of studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies.  Monique is a huge contributor to our communications team, and is responsible for sending out speaker notes and assisting with setting up for the chapter meetings each month.

Favourite herb: Passiflora incarnata